Social Guidance

Socialius helps you optimize social performance via data-backed insight and best practices.

Centralized Accounts

Enjoy quick, convenient access to all of your Twitter social media accounts in one place.

Effortless Automation

Consistency is key. Socialius keeps you steady and will help to maintain yours on Social Media.

Intuitive Social Media Management

Finally, understand your audience
via language sentiment & guidance.

Everyone is unique. Quickly discover what makes your followers & followees unique. Search Twitter, send Tweets and more with confidence. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make the perfect introduction.

  • Save time focusing on right users
  • Target what is likely to work
  • Engage w/ your peers easier
  • Deliver meaningful interactions

Guided Optimization
of Your Social Media

From the moment you join, Socialius tailors itself to your goals. This makes posting messages, connecting, targeting users and gathering information a lot easier. We're constantly improving our algorithms, AI and more to keep you ahead of the curve!

  • Discover sales opportunities
  • Avoid negative interactions
  • Promote beneficial relationships
  • Employ Social Media best practices

Stop Searching
for Great Content to Share

Our Interesting Engine empowers you to continuously post interesting and relevant content to your Social Media networks. Often before others have! Doing this consistently has several useful benefits. Don't only be a retweeter, be the one who is being retweeted!

  • Find/share fresh, interesting content
  • Scheduling sharing of this content
  • Build your Social Media consistency
  • Establish your brand or influence

Teams &
Shared Accounts

We've made it incredibly easy to empower not only yourself but also your entire Team(s). Teams: Add members, provision access, track usage and more. Shared Accounts: Safely allow password-less access to your account(s) by others.

  • Manage Social Media as a Team
  • Share responsibility with others
  • Safely share account access
  • Track usage/interactions Soon!


Understand Your,
Social Media Quickly

One of the beauties of Socialius is its simplicity. Intuitive charts make it easy to understand social metrics and other data. Need more info on a user or message? It's only a click away.

Next, Socialius makes it easy to fulfill needs and meet objectives. From finding followers to managing communications to optimization of messages, we've got you covered.


Monitor Social Media
Account Performance

Remain knowledgeable of growth & progress via our beautiful Dashboard. On the move? Passively acknowledge info via email, text alerts and/or our upcoming Android & iPhone apps for maximum Social Media productivity.

You'll always know what to do next via intuitive, user friendly and empowering guidance. Gain more followers, engage with others, earn mentions, likes, retweets and much more all while keeping track of everything. You'll wish you used Socialius sooner!


Your Personal
Social Media Assistant

Imagine effortlessly automating difficult parts of Social Media. Well, you finally can w/ Socialius! Arrange, schedule and execute posts, follows, unfollows, Direct Messages and more.

You'll love how quickly you can schedule messages to be sent at any time you need, in any timezone. All via our simplified calendar interface.

Social Media Networks Supported

Improve Your Social Media Performance

Social Analytics

Take advantage of powerful metrics derived from your data.

Language Sentiment

Understand followers and prospects sooner via sentiment data.

Teams & Shared Accounts

Safely share and control access with others or your Team.

Charts & Metrics

Quickly understand your social state via beautiful charts and elements.

Social Monitoring

We continously check your Social Media accounts so you don't have to.

Automation & Scheduling

Consistency is key. Socialius keeps you on top of this with ease.

Notes & Reminders

Attach notes, leave reminders. Socialius helps keep you focused.

History Retention

We store your history securely for access whenever you may need it.

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Relax, Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

All of our accounts come with a 30 day money back guarantee.
If you're unhappy with your purchase we'll gladly refund your money.